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Mar16, 2016

Public Review: Guidance for Vapour Intrusion Assessments

Atlantic PIRI invites the public to review a draft version of the Guidance for Vapour Intrusion Assessments.  The public review of this document is an integral part of the continuous improvement of the Atlantic RBCA process.  Atlantic PIRI will accept comments received in writing, via email to comments@atlanticrbca.com until April 22, 2016.

Atlantic PIRI will review and consider all comments received prior to finalizing the document and will phase in implementation of the new guidance to allow for some transition.

Mar15, 2016

Coming in 2016
New Methanol Field Preservation Protocols for the Atlantic Provinces

Please be advised that Methanol Field Preservation protocols for soil samples collected for VOC analyses (including BTEX and C6-C10 Hydrocarbons) will be implemented in 2016 as per recommendations provided in the new CCME Guidance Manual for Environmental Risk Characterization in support of Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessment (publication pending). Further details may be obtained from your local laboratory.

Jul29, 2015

Rita Mroz – Recipient of the Nancy Cutler Citation of Excellence

Congratulations to Rita Mroz, Environment Canada Scientist and Atlantic PIRI member, who received the 2015 Nancy Cutler Citation of Excellence: Women in Science and Technology award.  This prestigious award is given to women at Environment Canada for outstanding achievement in fostering the contribution of women in science and technology or outstanding achievement by a woman in science, technology, and technical development. Atlantic PIRI is proud to have you as a member!

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