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Dec19, 2016

Atlantic RBCA Guidance for Vapour Intrusion Assessments

Atlantic PIRI is pleased to release the final version of the Atlantic RBCA Guidance for Vapour Intrusion Assessments (December 2016). This document provides guidance on the assessment of vapour intrusion and is intended to supersede the User Guidance for Soil Vapour and Indoor Air Monitoring Assessments (Atlantic PIRI, 2006).

Thank you to all who provided commentary on the draft document during the Public Review Period. Revisions were made to the document because of this feedback, the most noticeable of which is the removal of chlorinated solvents.

Please refer to the Atlantic RBCA Guidance for Vapour Intrusion Assessments Implementation Procedure (December 2016) which outlines the implementation process for the new guidance.

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Jun21, 2016

Michel Poirier Wins HUB Award from Canadian Brownfields Network

Congratulations to Michel Poirier, a long standing member of Atlantic PIRI and a Remediation Engineer with the New Brunswick Department of Environment and Local Government, on winning a HUB Award at the Canadian Brownfields Network (CBN) first annual HUB Awards at its national Conference in Toronto on June 14.
The awards acknowledge individual contribution to the redevelopment of brownfields and the work that is being done to re-use brownfield sites and contribute to Canada’s economic and environmental future.
Michel has been a strong contributor to Atlantic PIRI for nearly ten years, 6 of which he co-chaired the PIRI Committee. Michel’s collaborative nature and strong work ethic continue to enrich the Atlantic PIRI team!
For the full write-up about Michel’s award and other HUB Award recipients, please visit
CBN HUB Awards

May25, 2016

Brownfields – Revitalization in a Changing Climate Conference

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Paul Currie, Regulator Co-chair of Atlantic PIRI, will be making a presentation at the Canadian Brownfields Network’s Brownfields – Revitalization in a Changing Climate Conference.  This national conference will be held at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel in Downtown Toronto, Ontario on June 14, 2016.

The 5th edition of CBN’s annual Conference theme is two-fold:

  • Revitalizing the conversation around brownfield
  • The role of brownfields in addressing climate change

For more information, visit CBN’s Conference website

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